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Summer Contest 2011 Winner

The Winner of this year's summer contest is Matej Mo with his work Vespula. Congratulations! You can visit a gallery of entries here. Thank you for participating.

Annual Contest 2011 -Insectum

Stag bettle by Fine

Softimage XSI Exporter for YafaRay. Beta released.

Pedro Alcaide, also known as povmaniaco, who has coded several exporters for other render engines, has been working for a year on an Autodesk Softimage XSI exporter for rendering scenes with YafaRay. Some weeks ago he released the source code of his work at Github. Today Pedro has released a first beta of the exporter, ready to be used. You can find it at our downloads page. We hope you find it useful.

Help needed for the Mac platform

This year we have been finally able to get regular Win64 builds of YafaRay, apart from the usual Win32 and Linux 32/64 builds, thanks to Gabriele Ferreri and Alexander Smirnov. However, there is still a platform that needs more love, which is Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Jens Verwiebe has helped us a lot with the OS X builds for the past years, but we need at least a second maintainer.

Winners Announced !!!

The Jury of the Winter Contest has spoken: "It is our decision to award the victory of the Winter contest to milan981 for his work, Coraline's Pink Palace. Second position goes to Abner's Simple Circle and third position goes to Sanderboer's GH house revisited. You can visit all entries in this gallery. Thank you for participating and congratulations to the winners."

GSoC 2011 - YafaRay Ideas page

We have already put our ideas page up for GSoC 2011, for sharp students who want to start preliminary contacts with prospective mentoring orgs, and in that way increase their chances of being selected. You can find it here. Regards.

Winter 2011 Contest Announced - Amazing Architecture

Hi there! We have decided to organise a Winter contest, based on a topic choosen by the community. The topic choosen is 'Amazing Architecture', and consist in rendering an architectural creation of your own. However, since most of us are not architects, contestants' creations do not need to be driven by practical considerations or arquitectural conventions, nor they need to be structurally viable; the contest is about form for form’s sake. Works might be intended for this planet and age, or for another planet, time and culture.

YafaRay for pCon.planner 6.3

pCon.planner, a professional and freeware application for space planning, is using YafaRay 0.1.2 beta as a render engine. pCon developers are mainly interested in direct lighting & ambient occlusion features because it is easier to setup for their customers, but GI is also available. More information at pCon.planner.com.

Corefarm.com plugin for Yafaray 0.1.2

"Yafaray 0.1.2 beta testers can now render their Yafaray job on corefarm.com directly from Blender 2.49 using the a special version of the exporter, available from github at https://github.com/williamleferrand/YafaRay_Blender-2.49

Lista, Suzanne Award for Best Short Film.

Pawel Lyczkowski's Lista, a short film rendered with YafaRay, has won the Suzanne Award for Best Film at the 2010 Blender Conference Festival. The film has been rendered with Photon Mapping & Final Gather, using the 0.1.1 release. You can find some notes about the making-of in this forum thread. Congratulations Pawel!

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