Posting on bucktracker

Category:feature request


We have a system implemented so users need at least the first forum message manually approved so people can keep on posting on their own. This system allows us to filter out most of the spam activity on the forums. However, as these nasty spammers become clever and the site becomes more important, we need to implement new measures to keep the site as always, clean of any spam activity. We are getting now a new wave of spam activity in the site. And now somewhat they have discovered that, while they can not post on the forum untill we review their intentions, they can freely post on here untill we clean the mess. I have been investigating in the drupal admin panell but I have not found a solution.



One solution could be

  • Since Authenticated user role is given to any new account automatically, restrict Authenticated User permissions so he can not post on the bugtracker.
  • Manually assing a new role with bugtracker posting rights to confirmed accounts.
  • Post warning on the forums since sometimes legit users directly post on the bugtracker.

It is somewhat time consuming but I don't mind doing it since I always manualy check every new account, even against spam databases.


I have stopped the influx of spam accounts by changing the captcha question, but it won't take too long till the right answer is added to attack databases.