Upcoming YafaRay 4.0 with Embree

David Bluecame has posted test renders of a new development branch in which YafaRay current ray intersection code inherited from YafRay is replaced by Embree raytracing kernels. Rays intersection calculation in its different forms (camera rays, shadow rays, path tracing, photon mapping, FG, AO etc) is the most intensive task in any raytracer; in some scenes it can take up to 3/4 of the computing time. Embree open source kernels allows for a more powerful and faster raytracing capabilities by taking advantage of the numerous CPU vectorisation structures. Vectorisation is the capability of processing several coherent data inputs with a single chip operation. Advantages of using Embree are powerful scene intersection tools, native support for subvidision surfaces and displacement mapping, new possibilities regarding packet raytracing and motion blur, improved ray statistics feedback for algorithms to use, and more.

We are in very early stages of this new development with still lot of code to port, but results are already very promising.

YafaRay render with new Embree based ray intersection code and native support for subdivision surfaces and displacement mapping.