Textures made from image sequences do not export

Component:Blender Exporter
Category:feature request
Assigned:David Bluecame
Status:needs review

I've tested this on a Windows 10 64-bit machine and a Windows 7 64-bit machine with the same results.

Create a plane.

Apply default settings Shiny Diffuse material on the plane.

Create UV map on the plane.

Create a Image texture on the plane.

Change Image Source to Image Sequence.   (It does work properly as a Single Image)

Render using default settings.

The texture is not mentioned as being exported in the Blender System Console and the plane renders as a white imageless texture.

I repeated these steps but used Single Image instead of Image Sequence and Single Image renders properly.

Attached is the image sequence used, the blend file with a side by side view of the two UV textured planes, and the rendered results.

Please let me know if you require further information.

(I got a slew of errors from the file uploader.  Hopefully it went through.)


Yayfaray Bug Report.zip552.3 KB



Category:bug report» feature request
Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
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This is very interesting, thank you for your comment. In fact, the Image Sequence was not implemented in the Blender Exporter, that's why it didn't work.

I've made some changes to the exporter to try to implement it. You can download the modified file "yaf_texture.py" from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DavidBluecame/Blender-Exporter/v3-maintenance/io/yaf_texture.py

Please, over your YafaRay v3.3.0 Blender Exporter folder, copy the file "yaf_texture.py" to the folder yafaray_v3\io\yaf_texture.py and overwrite the existing one.

Please let me know if this patched file works for you, so I include these changes in the next YafaRay version.


The Blender exporter does export a texture now on both the Single Image and Image Sequence, however, when rendering an animation the frame of the Image Sequence hangs on whatever frame is currently selected in the Blender animation Timeline window.   Like if it were on Frame 4, it exports only that image texture's 4th frame on all rendered animation frames.   In summary, it does not advance the exported image of the image sequence in sync with the current rendered frame in the animation.  Is this related or is it correct protocol to submit a new bug report?   Please let me know.  Thanks very much.


Status:ready to commit» active

I will take a look, the modified exporter was working ok for me in Linux but I need to test it in Windows to see if there is something different. I'll let you know.


Status:active» postponed


While doing more tests about this problem, I had a serious issue in Blender 2.79 / Linux 64bit with yafaray_v3

If I opened a file and Blender could not locate it, sometimes while manually changing from one frame to the next, I got this error message in Blender and all the objects in the scene dissappeared from the scene!!!

"DAG zero... not allowed to happen!"

During that test, I saved the .blend file and when I opened it it was completely empty!   This is a very serious risk and could lead the user to lose all their work in the .blend file.

I don't know whether this is a Blender bug or a YafaRay induced bug, but it would take a long time to debug this problem and the risk is just too high. Therefore I will leave this feature request postponed for now, sorry.


I'd noticed that all the objects disappeared in the object hierarchy tree, but wasn't sure what it was due to.   I am unfamiliar with Yafaray's exporter and it's interactions with Blender, so I cannot offer any possibly reasons why.  I do appreciate the effort to get it working.  If you decide to pick this up later, I would be glad to help test it further.  Thanks.


Status:postponed» needs review


I have made some changes to try calculating the expected texture image name in the Exporter and not relying in Blender UI. You can download the modified file from here:


However, I'm quite concerned with that strange problem in Blender (I had it with v2.79 in Linux 64bit). I've used some debugging programs on the YafaRay core code and I could not find any issues there. So, this could be either a Blender bug or perhaps some kind of weird bug caused by the Blender to YafaRay Python interfacing :-(  This problem is very difficult to replicate and will be even more difficult to solve, and it's really a critical issue (users could lose all their work!!!!)

So, please test this as much as you can, thank you!