Outdated developer and API documentation

Assigned:David Bluecame

The developer documentation in the website http://www.yafaray.org/development/documentation is horribly out of date respect to the current YafaRay v3 versions. It even mentions the GSOC 2010 and the API documentation at http://www.yafaray.org/development/developersfaq in ancient, from back 2009!!

I will try to update the documentation as much as possible, and to update the API documentation with the latest GitHub master code. For now, I've removed the GSOC information from the Table of Contents (I didn't delete the actual documents, only modified the table of contents so it does not mention it), and I've added a note saying that the developer documentation is outdated and needs to be updated.




I've (at last!!) updated the API documentation in http://www.yafaray.org/api/yafaray/index.html From an ancient version back from 2009 to the very latest (still unreleased) 2017 v3.2.0-ALPHA10 at the master Github branch!

If you are curious, I've kept the old API documentation here: http://www.yafaray.org/api-very-old/yafaray/index.html



For your information I've just now improved the API documentation by adding a lot of detail to Doxygen automatic generated output. For example now you can see callers and calles graphs and a lot more information and details, references, etc.

It has now a navegation tree at the left and also all functions within a class are sorted alphabetically to make it easier to locate them in the documentation.

For example:



I have added now the Blender-Exporter python API as well, in addition to the existing Core API.

The former link to the API documentation will not work now. Please use this instead: