Corrected way for adding links inside bugtracker entries

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Assigned:David Bluecame

I see that some people have problems for add links inside bugtracker report.

A short 'step by step' for right mode is:

Write your text to show instead complete link..

Samplin strategy

..then, select this text for make enabled the above 'Insert/edit link'  icon.


Inside the opened window, you can edit the complete link. You don't need add title.

Same for all your links..

Grey18 workflow

My work




It is just that profile signatures automatically imported from the forum module are not correctly parsed on bug reports, obviously it has nothing to do with "people having problems adding links". This is a known site little bug. Also the bugtracker is not the place to post tutorials. I am marking this as closed, but you are welcome to report it as it really is, a site bug.


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Oh.. well I don't refer to your entries. Only I used how a example for this entry Mac issue

I made here how a small guide to news users, but you can move to best place.



As a suggestion, I think we could install the Drupal module "BBCode" so those links are shown correctly.

Álvaro: please let me know if you want me to try it.


Hi David

I don't know if the BBcode module could be useful for other issues in the site but in this particular case, I don't think we need to show forum signatures here in the bugtracker, so if you ever have time to look into it, I think the best action would be dissabling this feature. But if it takes less time installing the module and it helps with other matters, then I think it is ok installing it. Thanks !


Title:Corrected way for adding links inside bugtracker entries» YafaRay website: corrected way for adding links inside bugtracker entries
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As you can see now, I've installed & setup the Drupal BBCode module and now the bugtracker signatures (and any other links using BBCode) should be working, so I'm marking this as fixed.

Please let me know if further actions are needed.


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