AA samples in SSPM

Component:Blender Exporter
Category:feature request

Hi David

I think in the latest additions to adaptive antialiasing some code got misplaced and now AA samples option is disabled in SSPM, it should be enabled, the only thing it should be dissabled is the number of passes since it is handled in the SSPM panel. Now if I want to change AA samples for each SSPM pass I have to enable another integrator method, change this setting and enabling SSPM again. I have found this in the compilation you have prepared with the fix about the SSPM photons counter, but I think this bug happens in the "official" 3.1.1 version as well. Please confirm this is a bug. Greetings.

PD: at the moment only AA samples is needed but it is possible that I make a feature request about enabling some features we have currently implemented in adaptive sampling for SSPM passes as well.



Title:AA samples disabled in SSPM» AA samples in SSPM
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This is actually not a bug. In SPPM for some reason each pass is using only one sample in Core, and it has always ignored the AA samples setting. That's why, to avoid confuse users, I disabled that setting when selecting SPPM.

I would have to study why is SPPM using only one AA sample per pass, but I will postpone for now any potential integrator improvements to focus on materials for the next months.