Glass not realistic enough

Component:YafaRay Core
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Assigned:David Bluecame

While comparing the Glass material between YafaRay and LuxRender (which is a very accurate, although slow, physically spectral renderer) I've noticed that the Glass preset material in LuxRender seems more realistic than the same material with the same properties in YafaRay.

This is the LuxRender glass with a uniform white background and a filter=1.f, IOR=1.5f and reflection=0.7f (almost the default preset in LuxRender)



And this is the YafaRay glass with the same properties:

yafaray_glass_not like luxrender.pngyafaray_glass_not like luxrender.png



I found out that the YafaRay Glass material does not take into consideration the Reflection color for the Internal Total Reflection calculation. So, I've corrected it in the code, which will be available in the next YafaRay version:


With the change, this is how the same material looks like in YafaRay:

yafaray_glass_as luxrender.pngyafaray_glass_as luxrender.png


I hope this will allow us to get a more realistic glass in YafaRay from now on.


The example scene is in the next comment.



Example scene attached.

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This issue has been fixed in the new YafaRay v3.1.0-beta. See:

Take into account that glass rendering could change now a bit, depending on the glass parameters, but in theory it should be more realistic.


Status:fixed» closed

Fixed for more than 2 weeks without further feedback, closing.


Fixed for more than 2 weeks without further feedback, closing.