Blender exporter library error "file too short"

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Assigned:David Bluecame

I use Lubuntu 16.04 64 bits. GPU AMD R9 380 with amdgpu-pro beta drivers.

YafaRay 2.1.1 works fine in Blender 2.77a (official build) and GIT build, when I try to activate YafaRay 3.0.2 in the Blender User preferences I get this message:

Hopefully you can find out what is wrong.
Thatnk you.



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In the INSTALL file of the Blender Exporter, there is a line that could solve your problem:

* If you get the error message "file too short" in Linux systems, it could be caused by incorrect zip decompressing of links. Make sure you decompress the zip file in Linux so the links are correctly decompressed.


I hope it helps. Please let us know if this solves the issue.


Title:Blender exporter not working» Blender exporter library error "file too short"


After a few tries, it worked.

Thank you.

Blender GIT


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I'm glad that it worked for you!


Status:fixed» needs work

To avoid this problem in future versions I will try to change the Linux packages to use .tar.gz instead of .zip. That way it will be much more unlikely somebody unzips them without the links.


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Thanks to other user comments at BlenderArtists I found the problem is caused when using Blender to install the YafaRay v3 zip file in Linux. Blender is not decompressing the links and therefore causing this problem.

For the next YafaRay builds, I will change the way I do the packaging for Linux. I will keep the zip format but I will remove the internal links so all the files will be "whole" without links. Therefore neither using Blender nor Windows to decompress the Linux zip builds will cause any issues starting the next Releases.

Although there are no changes to the actual YafaRay code, I'm marking this "ready to commit" until I release the next version with this changes in the packaging.



All the messages "file too short" are referring to files which are nothing but practically empty text files.Good news is that they are next to the correct ones. All you have to do is change the names.

They all are in

/home/YOURUSERNAME/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/yafaray_v3/bin/dependencies      .

For example, there exists a file called  and it is only a 18 bytes long text file including nothing but the name itself.



This is how to fix it:

There is also a file called     . It is the file Blender couldn't find. So, just drop off those zeros and dots and problem is solved.


Check the box in Blender again and fix all the remaining files in the same way.



Using Ubuntu 16.04



User Osmodivs at #3 mentioned "After a few tries, it worked". Please, remove that comment while it's a bit misleading.











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This has been (hopefully) fixed in the new YafaRay v3.1.0-beta Linux builds. See:


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Fixed for more than 2 weeks without further feedback, closing.