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Assigned:David Bluecame

Hi all,

Would be great we can control the samples per material, as we can do with lights or environment. Specially in case we're working with low exponent materials, so we don't waste AA samples on the entire image.




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This feature will be available in the next YafaRay version.


Wow, this will be really useful.

Renders will be much faster because we will be able to put samples where needed manually.



The way it will work will be a per-material "Sample multiplier" (floating point number). It will not be applied to the first pass, only for subsequent AA passes. For each pixel, YafaRay will determine what's the material sample multiplier, multiply that float value by the total number of samples specified for the AA pass and will round the result to an integer number (final number of samples to be calculated for that particular pixel).

However, due to several limitations and difficulties, that floating point number will always be 1.0 or higher. Therefore you will not be able to reduce samples in materials, but you will be able to set a lower general number of AA samples and then use a high multiplier for the materials that need it.


Is the first pass untouchable?


I'm not sure what do you mean by "untouchable" but from the sample multiplier point of view the first pass will be a "traditional" first pass without per-material sample multiplier applied.

Perhaps in the future I could try to implement this also to the first pass, but it's quite some work and I'm not sure if it's worth it at the moment. I think it's better to start with this new feature "as is" and see if extending it to the first pass is really needed or not.


I was meaning that why don't render with those features on the first pass, but you already gave me the answer. :)


Status:ready to commit» fixed


This feature has been implemented in the new YafaRay v3.1.0-beta. See:


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Fixed for more than 2 weeks without further feedback, closing.