Possible removal of Bidirectional Integrator?

Component:YafaRay Core
Assigned:David Bluecame


In my opinion, the current implementation of the YafaRay Bidirectional integrator is buggy, flawed and its design is very different to the other integrators.

My question is: do you believe it's worth maintaining?  Or we should remove it from YafaRay and move on?

Do you think this is still useful? Is somebody using it for actual production renders?


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Hello David,

We do not use!!!

I think we must concentrate even improve the photomapping!




Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
Status:needs review» won't fix


Based on several comments and votes and my own tests where I can see the Bidirectional integrator often gives different results (apparently inconsistent and probably wrong) respect to the other integrators, this is what I've decided for the Bidirectional integrator in YafaRay-E:

* To be respectful with the few users that might be using Bidirectional despite its problems, I will not remove the Bidirectional integrator from YafaRay-E yet.

* I will declare Bidirectional a "deprecated" integrator, with warning messages in the UI and the Log, recommending not to use it and explaining that the Bidirectional integrator:

- Will probably give incorrect render results.

- Will not be supported anymore. No fixes or improvements will be developed for it in the short/medium term.

- May be removed from YafaRay-E in a future version.


Thank you for your comments and best regards.


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Task closed.