Gamma 1.80 input on linux

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Assigned:David Bluecame

Gamma 1.80 for color space input is forced on every Blender session using YafaRay exporter, even if user changes this setting in the middle of his session. Gamma input has to do with the color sRGB space used by image file formats rather than with Linux graphical enviroment so it should be 2.2 by default. It is also a setting that should stay between sessions, if not why exposing it in the first place?

related to this report:



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I don't understand this very well. I've done some tests and when you start blender and open a .blend file with some Gamma settings on it, the values are the same you saved before, so it stays between sessions.

Please will you give more details about how to replicate this issue and what is the desired behaviour you would expect?


Yes this bug was partially fixed someway after this report was done, in the sense that now gamma settings set by users are kept between sessions. However, 1.80 gamma input as default remains for new scenes in linux, which is wrong IMO, since gamma input has nothing to do with Unix operating system gamma which was 1.80 in the beginning, but with gamma of the sRGB color space for input textures and with the Blender Color Management tool which now asumes a sRGB color space for display and the render pipeline in general. So it is another case of bad default setting, which should be 2.2 like in Windows OS.


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I've sent a pull request with the change for the new default value of input gamma so it's 2.2 for all operating systems.

Please review and merge into master if aproved.


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Pending more investigation about gamma cases and issues


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Hopefully will be solved with the new Color Pipeline, see:


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Fixed in YafaRay-E (Experimental) v1.0.0


For more information, see:


If you still have this issue with the new version please let us know.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.