Setting values for xstart and ystart in the exported xml leads to internal exception when batch rendering.

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:bug report
Assigned:David Bluecame

Setting xstart and ystart (different from (0, 0)) causes internal error to the rendering and leads to unhandled exception. The result - the rendering is canceled. Here you can find the original discussion about this issue -

OS: Windows 8.0, using Yafaray 0.1.5



Component:Qt GUI» Code
Priority:critical» normal
Assigned to:gdangalov» David Bluecame
Status:active» ready to commit


I've done some tests and this still happens with the current development version.

I believe I have fixed it in the code. After the fix, I can render in yafaray-xml with no problem with any xstart/ystart values. Exported xml file using "Border" in Blender can be rendered now with yafaray-xml giving the same result as when rendering it directly from Blender.

The pull request with the change is:


Status:ready to commit» fixed

The pull request has been confirmed working and merged by povmaniaco, so I will consider this fixed. The change will appear in the next builds...



I've made an experimental build for Blender 2.74 / Windows 7/8.1 64bits including this fix. Please see:


Please test it and let us know if it works for you.


Status:fixed» closed

Closed -- issue in "fixed" status for more than 2 weeks with no activity.