Sun disk on mirror component

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Assigned:David Bluecame

None of the point light types is able to produce self reflections on mirror component of shinydiffuse, coated glosy and glass. While it can be pointed out that a light with no area can't produce self reflection, it would be great if we can get sun disk reflection on mirrors components from sun lamps and sun components in sunsky models, in order to get good highlights in ourdoors conditions. These highlights on mirrors should be able to throw caustics. At the moment the only workaround would be be using a HDR texture as background which has got sun disk in it.



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For now, until some work is done here, as a workaround you can use spot lights with sphere/geometry enabled to show a disc.


Hi David

I have tried every possible workaround and the only real solution IMO is using hdri backgrounds with solar disks on it which will reflected accordingly on mirror components of shinydiffuse, coated glossy and glass. Another solution for small elements in the scene is using glossy with full exponent for sharp reflections, which is the case of this work.

The shinydiffuse ball with mirror on the left and the top glass ball does not get to render sun disk from the sun lamp. The glossy microfacet model renders a solar disk and with full exponent we could get a almost perfect mirror with a solar disk on it from sun lamps. The idea is that we could render solar disks on mirror components as well for better highlights, particularly on the component mirror of coated glossy used in car paints, and that these highlights could in return throw caustics.



this is the result using sunsky. Mirror components reflect some of the sun component but the result can not be compared with the intensity of the sun reflection produced on glossy components.

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