Community forum - last post user/date/time not updating correctly

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Before login the index page shows no new posts after 27/06/11; after login posts made since are visible.

Before login:-


After login:-


Maybe it is just me, but I tested at a university computer too, and get the same issue.




Noticed the same thing- I first thought it was me


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When you are not logged in, the forum does not work in real time but in session blocks, to save bandwith.


Title:New posts don't show on the index page unless logged in.» Community forum - last post user/date/time not updating correctly
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Component:YafaSite» User interface
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It's true that in the community forum the last post/user information does not update correctly, even if you are logged in...

That's very annoying and prevents you to notice if there are any news, potentially causing users to miss important information and news.

I noticed that if you delete the cookies (at bottom of forum page), it updates but you need to log in again afterwards.

In my opinion this should be fixed.


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This is still happening. For some reason, when not logged in, the latest forum posts are not shown.