Expand material texture mapping shaders - perhaps node system

Category:feature request
Assigned:David Bluecame

Currently not all the shader parameters can be modulated by textures. For more flexibility & better materials these should be:

  • Exponent (glossy & coated glossy)
  • Mirror color (coated glossy)
  • IOR intensity (coated glossy)
  • Refraction color (glass & rough glass)
  • Transmission color (glass & rough glass)
  • Dispersion intensity (glass & rough glass)
  • Roughness (rough glass)
  • Emit intensity (shinydiffuse)
  • IOR intensity (shinydiffuse)

Some of this parameters are more important to be map-able (like exponent and transmission color), others less. But being able to do so would result in much more variety for basis shaders, without the need to use blend (which is slow and currently buggy in some cases). The blend shader cannot fully offer this funcionality for the parameters that can be set only by single values. For example; if you would want to create a multicolored glass with the blend shader, you would need to mix together a number of glass materials, which is unflexible, slow and messy (a deep hirarchy of blends might cause also other rendering problems).



Status:active» postponed

Postponed to YafaRay 013


Title:Shader parameters to become map-able» Expand material texture mapping shaders - perhaps node system
Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
Status:postponed» active

The more I think about it, the more I think we should do this as soon as possible. The blend material is indeed limited, slow and buggy, and extending the mapping (perhaps node system for materials?) would make the blend material unnecessary in many cases.

So, I'm changing this to "active" again...