Textures Color Controls - contrast/brightness/saturation, etc

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As of now the contrast/brightness setting of blender under color of a texture are ignored.

Imho this is a very usefull feature in blender, offerign a more versatile use of procedurals. Examples:

- cloud maps are often used for blending, yet the "borders" between light and dark are usually very soft (even in hard noise) - contrast changes that

- procedural maps with a favorable pattern sometimes need to be shifted towards more dark or more light - brightness changes that

- sometimes only nuances are needed, with only a slight difference between darkest to light, eg. in the 50% grey area while keeping the pattern - contrast and brightness are needed here


For now someone needs to generate his own maps out of procedurals and use those as textures, while lackign the feature of an "endless" procedural. As a result: more work with a less favorable result as it stands now.

Using brightness/contrast would be plain cool.


PS: colorband also ;) as of now we cant make decent procedural wood textures :(



More control over procedural patterns would be very useful, but untill a new node-based system is implemented, making those controls accesible to users is going to be a hard task. 


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Interested feature request, anyway postponed to YafaRay 013


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Title:contrast/brightness» Textures Color Controls - contrast/brightness/saturation, etc
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This feature will be available in the upcoming YafaRay v3.0.0, except for the color ramps.

I've implemented the Color controls (intensity, contrast, saturation, RGB multipliers, clamp) into all YafaRay supported textures.

I would like to implement color ramps in the near future, but not yet.


I would also give some controls for Blend texure. Now you cannot tweak them like on blender; look at Blend texture on blender internal, where you have a Ramp tick, so you can tweak them.


Also spherical is not supported yet.


I miss also hue controls,very important to tweak the color tone.



I've added two new things to my development version:

* Color Ramp for textures :-)

* Hue texture control. This is not available for Blender itself, so when making changes to it you need to look at the material preview in the texture panel (texture preview is generated by Blender Internal so it may differ).

I hope you like these changes. For now only the alpha testers will be able to test them, but I hope in the near future I can publish a public beta.


yafaray-hue color control.jpgyafaray-hue color control.jpg




yafaray-texture ramp.jpgyafaray-texture ramp.jpg



Hue seems to work fine, but the values should be from -3 to 3, in the scale you're working.

Ramp needs more testing, seems to work. Maybe disabling other progressions than linear should be considered. (Because says it is not supported).






I will probably add a message when users choose an unsupported mode/interpolation


I used the hue range -6..+6 on purpose. Imagine you are at +3 and then you want to go around a bit more. If I use +/-3 you would have to change to -3 before being able to tweak more. So I used twice the range to allow going "around" more easily. In any case this is an angle so it should not matter too much. Alternatively I could use an angle in degrees instead (maybe easier and more clear)


Ok, it's fine then.


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Fixed in v3.0.0-beta: http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5173


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Closing as it was marked as "fixed" for 4 weeks without any further comments from users.