YafaRay XML batch rendering

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request
  • In XML specs, specifiying an filename, outputdir and imageformat tags in the 'Render' block.
  • If 'filename' is not specified, the image file is automatically saved with the same name than the XML file, for instance if scene01a.xml then scene01a.exr
  • In the exporter code, a way to XML export all frames at once, with automatic name assignation, for instance frame01.xml, frame02.xml, etc
  • A way to assing a common 'filename', 'outputdir' and 'imageformat' for all exported frames.
  • Abilitity for the exporter to save zipped files and ability for yafaray-xml to render zipped files.
  • Allow for relative (to xml file location) file paths in XML.
  • Batch rendering, option to speficy several scenes, for instance: yafaray-xml scene01.xml scene01B.xml materialtest.xml
  • That yafaray-xml can render a serie of correlative XML files without specifiying them all, for instance: yafaray-xml scene01.xml -f . The -f option would mean that yafaray-xml would keep on rendering scene01.xml, scene02.xml, scene*.xml till finished.

These changes are useful for simple batch rendering of a few xml scenes, and it should be scalable for animation rendering from XML. More changes can be implemented to allow for XML animation rendering, for instance implement a way of rendering an animation whose geometry does not change, without exporting the geometry in every frame. Other changes are possible once the XML scenes can be modularised among several files (geometry, materials, render settings).



the command options for yafaray-xml.exe have been expanded with lots of new useful options. However, an option to consecutively render a batch of xml scenes is still not available in YafaRay 0.1.2 beta2


Status:active» postponed

Postponed to YafaRay 013



Michele Castigliego
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