Problem with set smooth / set solid

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There's a strange rendering problem with glossy materials. I've noticed this mainly on large flat objects, but it may happen elsewhere as well. Parts of the object don't seem to be rendered as glossy, while others are, producing an undesired result. I've attached a picture demonstrating this problem. I used a brighter material to better display what's going on, but when using darker textures, sometimes those parts of the render can turn out very dark or black, making the problem much more noticeable.

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To me it looks as if this is a 'Set Smooth'/'Set Solid' issue:

It seems to me YafaRay can only recognize a whole mesh as being either smooth or solid. If some faces in a mesh are set to solid and others to smooth, this distinction gets lost during the export. To solve this, you can either use the 'AutoSmooth' function or the 'EdgeSplit' modifier.

In your case YafaRay interprets the table's surface as smooth - hence the distorted reflection.

Not sure if this can be called a bug.


Title:Problem with Glossy materials» Problem with Glossy materials (EDIT: problem with set smooth / set solid)

You're right, I separated the smooth faces from the solid faces and it fixed the problem. Auto smooth also did seem to fix the problem as well. I thought some of my objects didn't seem to be rendering properly, I guess this is why. Sometimes I need objects to have some smooth and some solid parts. For now, I suppose AutoSmooth will have to do, but I think we should be able to render objects with smooth and solid faces properly.

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Title:Problem with Glossy materials (EDIT: problem with set smooth / set solid)» Problem with set smooth / set solid

this issue still remains on YafaRay 012 beta2 / Blender 2.5 exporter. Blender is able to set different faces either smooth or flat in edit mode within the same object, but YafaRay renders the whole object either smooth, flat or autosmooth. I believe the problem is not in the exporter but it is YafaRay internally that has never supported this feature.


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Changed to 'feature request' and 'postpone'


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Probably a duplicate of this:

Hopefully this will be implemented in the upcoming YafaRay v4.x.x :-)