YafaRay texture alpha inverted respect to Blender texture alpha

Component:YafaRay Core
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Assigned:David Bluecame
Status:needs work

I use both the blender renderer as well as yafaray, and it annoys me that every time I render in yafaray, I must first switch all of my alpha textures to negative in order to produce the same alpha effects as blender's renderer / game engine.



it appears to be the same problem with bump mapping


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i take a look at this for the next 0.1.2 release

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I've made a simple scene illustrating the problem of negative alpha, thankshttp://www.emirage.org/attachements/alpha_problem.zip

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This problem still remains in YafaRay 0.1.2 and Blender 2.5 exporter. Blender 2.5 scene below:



Status:active» won't fix

I don't think we can change this at this time without severely breaking compatibility with previous yafaray scenes. It's unfortunate that these things were initially decided to be so different from Blender...


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Thinking it again, perhaps a new global option "Texture alpha compatible with Blender" could be added that is "false" by default for backwards compatibility and that at the same time allows for new scenes to correct this behavior.

I will try to integrate this in a possible new expanded texturing system...


Title:Alpha must be set to negative in blender to display properly in yafaray. » YafaRay texture alpha inverted respect to blender texture alpha


Title:YafaRay texture alpha inverted respect to blender texture alpha» YafaRay texture alpha inverted respect to Blender texture alpha


Hi David, if we change this I think we should do it as an oportunity to fix other things that could break backwards compatibility, like a serious mistake in the YafaRay render pipeline in Blender, or other compatibility issues, so we do it just once and not in every release. It would not be a trauma if we lose backwards compatibility because it won't be the first time, I think any YafaRay scene pre Blender 2.50 would have many compatibitity issues with current releases. Just my two cents.


Hmmm... it starts to sound like "upcoming v0.2.0"?  ;-))


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I will add an option for "Blender Transparency style" compatibility in the upcoming YafaRay v4.x.x