Raytraced/Geometry Motion Blur and Motion Blurred Shadows

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request
Assigned:David Bluecame
Status:needs work

Could be great to have raytraced & geometry based motion blur as in mentalray, vray, mantra or renderman interface compliant renderers.

I don't know if motion blurred shadows can be achieved with raytracing, as in mantra it is only available with shadow maps.

Actually I think only Aqsis, Pixie, Sunflow (camera blur, not sure for geometry), and some of the free unbiased/hybrid renderers which have blender exporters, have the ability to render geometry/camera based motion blur.

Blender vector blur node works in some cases, but does not work properly with shadows, and thru reflect/refract objects.

Yaf already has DOF, but these two features will push yafaray to be a true photorealistic and a great animation renderer.



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Whoops i assigned it to myself which was a mistake.


FYI Lynx started to work on raytraced motion blur, here is the original thread about the approach used, with some pics:



Nice, but 2007, outdated... :D


Status:active» postponed

Posponed to future releases of YafaRay


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Component:Code» YafaRay Core
Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
Status:postponed» needs work

At last after more than 6 years of wait, now I'm working on this ;-)  Hopefully will be implemented in the upcoming YafaRay v4.x.x