Neg works differently in blender and in yafaray on musgrave

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Assigned:David Bluecame

At least for the Col channel, the Neg option works differently in blender (the proper behaviour I think) and in yafaray when usuing a musgrave procedural texture.  As seen in the attached pictures the applied color is inverted as well as just which area the color is applied to.  This is not the case for other procedural types.  It happens for all noise basis.  (both of those claims come form a large sample of testing but not a census.)

with the musgrave Negated189.06 KB
normal musgrave145.82 KB



Experimenting with a work around revealed new information.  A voronoi with an increased iscale has the same problem.  I suspect that this means that yafaray inverts the texture at a different point in the pipeline than blender does.  



loh, Please test it with last version.



This issue is still present in the latest yafaray development version.


Adding updated images for this issue rendered using yafaray development version.

musgrave texture 202.22 KB
voronoi texture 146.33 KB


And blend files, sorry for multiple posts.

blend_musgrave.blend 505.02 KB
blend_voronoi.blend 505.02 KB


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I've sent a pull request with the change to fix the color inversion:


With that fix, this is what I got with the latest test blends that were posted here:



Please let us know if this is the behavior you want so the developers can accept the pull request.

musgrave.png 145.47 KB
voronoi.png 119.25 KB



I've made an experimental build for Blender 2.74 / Windows 7/8.1 64bits including this fix. Please see:


Please test it and let us know if it works for you.


Status:ready to commit» fixed

The pull request was accepted into the official YafaRay code, I will consider this fixed.

This fix will appear in the next builds of YafaRay.


Status:fixed» closed

Closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.