Bake Render of UV to Image

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request

Let the user bake a render of a UV of their choice to an image size of their choice. Very important feature for game developers wishing to make use of YafaRay's quality.



Please... if someone could work on this it would be very much appreciated. I am working on a project right now that would need this feature. I would really prefer not to have to use the Blender internal renderer to bake with. I'm working on a project right now and we are hoping to have a demo ready by the end of summer. 

The easiest way I can think of to do this is simply make sure the user has the UV they want selected in blender, as well as the faces they want baked selected. Yafaray would have options to set the image size, and I think there would also need to be options to disable reflections and transparency (for selected object only), because those could cause unwanted effects in the bake. 


Component:Blender Exporter» Code
Priority:critical» normal
Status:active» postponed

This is indeed a very nice feature yafaray should have, setting this to postpone for next releases.

Michele Castigliego


Can anybody said me, when YafaRay can be bake render of UV to image? It is very nessecery for my project. 

Is it be realised in near future or it is never planned in YafaRay?

May anybody advice me other renders in Blender which can bake render of UV to image?


Hi, we are having the same issue. Yafaray does exactly what we need in terms of our very special case of caustics rendering. But the main problem is that we need to bake the textures. Is there any news about implementing this function into Yafaray? Would be pretty neat as it seems that quite many people would make use of this feature and as far as I know there is no advanced free renderer (GI, caustics and stuff) for Blender that supports texture baking. Or do I miss something?

Appreciate any hint. And in case there are no plans for implementing this feature does anybody know another way how to achieve baking our textures including caustics?

Best regards