Physical camera

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request

Support for physical camera like in luxrender or vray with vignetting, chromatic aberration, glare.




I think it will bring Yafaray to a new Level! I compared Vray-Demo and resault after 3 hours testing: Yafaray and Vray both similar resaults, but both not realistic enought. (i set Vray tonemapping on Reinhard. With BlenderNodes and Yafaray no problem to get same quality)

After setting Physical Camera on active in Vray the resault looks awesome, like i have took a photo from the scene.

In Yafaray not possible. I tried heavy Postpro, but not even close to physical camera and vray.


I think, this would be one mayor step to take yafaray closer to reality.


And sorry, my testresaults arent on my home computer, i would have uploaded them. (sorry for my english)


Good feature request. More information about physical camera:


My work · Grey18 workflow · Sampling strategy · [url=]SPPM


Status:active» postponed

Interested feature request, anyway postponed to YafaRay 013

My work · Grey18 workflow · Sampling strategy · [url=]SPPM


Cant wait to see this in Yafaray ^.^


Interesting Link Samo! BTW: Your Scenes and Lightsetup are perfect! Hope i reach such a level in my livetime.

Did you ever try indoor AnimationScenes with Yafaray?