Site Guidelines

January 23, 2009

This guidelines are ambitius, it does not mean that we will acomplish all of them, at least in a first stage.

This guidelines should be discussed on IRC for practical reasons.

1. YafaRay

  • We keep current logo and slogan

2. How will we treat yafray 009 content in the site.

  • Content completely separated from YafaRay, menus should not lead to pages with mixed content, this means a separate YafRay gallery from YafaRay Gallery too.

3. Integrated and simple design.

  • subcomandante works on the site skeleton (menus, section, modules, features)
  • Samo adds content.
  • Keep it simple and smart.
  • Base design:
  • We should not add features just to fill space.
  • Integrated design without aspect or browsing changes between different sections of the site.
  • Visibility of users' best work.
  • Definition of YafaRay in the front page.
  • whole thing should not look way too much web 2.0
  • The result the normal user sees looks like an ordinary website
  • Just we should only present the important information, have an absolutely clear and flat structure of the page and a decent theme
  • No freaking buttons/links/information overload
  • TINY and SMALL login box at the bottom where noone looks
  • Any login in the beginning of the page
  • Let the CMS work under the hood and not slap it in the visitors' faces.

4. Menus arrangement and navigation model (example).

  • Lateral menu.
  • A user clicks one item "Download"
  • We display a page "Downloads" containing the yafaray downloads
  • Also, we open the submenu on the left, containing "Yafaray" and "Yafray" (or whatever) items.
  • Also in the body of the opened page we give the same items as well, but with a bit of a short explanation
  • Third level categories yet to be decided, we can show them in page body or in the main menu.

5. Users' personal resources.

  • Space for attachments.

6. Users' interaction.

  • The main interaction tool will be the forum.
  • Allow for comments in Gallery images.
  • Ratings.
  • It would be nice if users can send images to the gallery.
  • Users should be able to upload and download materials to/from the Materials Library.
  • Users' can write their own content in other parts of the site, apart from the forum.

7. How learning resources are arranged.

  • Wiki style with users' access and editing rights, so users can write their own content.
  • We allow for translation works in the docs section.
  • We can allow for multilingual pages, but it should be done 'one by one' basis, not for the whole site.
  • Materials Library.
  • Whole Site Search tool.

8. Developers' resources.

  • How to get involved
  • How to build YafaRay
  • How to report a bug
  • How to submit a patch
  • Release Logs
  • YafaRay roadmap.
  • Google Sumer of Code

9. Relationship with other sites.

Decide about links or/and feeds from/to other sites

10. Layout

  • Tags:
    <h2,3,4> for headings and subheadings (<h1> should be the page heading)
    <em>, <strong> for emphasis
    <var> for reference to buttons etc. in the UI
    <code> for file system path and similar
  • Headings: Bold, decreasing size. <h4> should have the same size as normal text, <h3> and <h2> each slightly larger (maybe 20% larger).
  • Links are red but not bold, normal text size.
  • <em>: Italic, <strong>: Bold
  • <var> possibly bold
  • <code> fixed-width font, not bold.
  • No use of colors other than previously defined.