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i think it would be a nice feature to add to yafaray, i use it only to map grass, is a cheap way to get good looking grass :) as i explain in this post:

from blender manual :

Win - Window
The rendered image window coordinates. This is well suited to blending two objects.



Status:active» fixed

Screen coords for texture mapping implemented since yafaray

Michele Castigliego


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Status:fixed» active

Maps unfortunately also objects with glossy materials in the forground not wanted- objects looks now like transparent!

See here for example:


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I coded a new winmap approach into experimental branch, that should avoid this kind of issue.

Remember to set texture Clip button instead of Repeat if you want to not extend the win map effect outside the camera view.


Currently Perspective camera and Ortho camera are supported, Architect still has issue when you have both x & y rotation and angular camera is not implemented yet.

Michele Castigliego


Status:active» postponed

Status fix

Michele Castigliego


Status:postponed» fixed

From what I've seen this is already working when selecting coordinates "Window", and probably has been working for a long time. So, I'm setting this to "fixed" and if no further feedback is received I will close it in a couple weeks.


Status:fixed» closed

Fixed for 2 weeks without further comments. Closing.