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YafaRay Download

How does the add-on is installed?

The add-on is installed from Blender, using 'Install Add-on' button in the Addon section, Blender User Preferences window (Ctrl Alt U). In the link below you will find a video about the installation:

How can I upgrade the add-on?

If you have a previous version of the add-on installed and you want to upgrade, just be sure the Overwrite tickbox is enabled in the files browser when you are about to select the zip file of the new add-on version.

Yafaray License

YafaRay is released unce the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1. For more information go to

YafaRay Support.

It is recommended that you read the existing documentation about YafaRay. Reading the available documentation is the better and faster 'algorithm' you can ever use for your renders. A first superficial reading will give you a lot of clues about how YafaRay works. The main learning resources and support tools in the YafaRay site are:

Want binaries? Help us!

Platform maintaners and builds are required for these and for other yet not available operating systems. Please use this section of the forum to share your own builds or to ask about binary building.

YafaRay logo.

The YafaRay logo was created by Javier Galán in 2005. You can use it for YafaRay related activities like linking and reviews. You can use it as well to credit YafaRay in your rendering works. The YafaRay logo is available in SVG format here.

YafRay 0.0.9 sources.

The last YafRay release was the 0.0.9 version in Summer 2006. Notice that these sources aren't under development anymore. You can dowload them from here.