In this section you will find tutorials written by YafaRay users. Many thanks to them.


DOF tutorial, by Tungee.Explains Depth of Field most important parametes and concepts.
Photon mapping, by pitat450.
The purpose of this guide is to help speed up decision making during the setting up of YAFARAY photon mapping.
Clay Render, by Bupla.
Clay render use cases and examples.
Compositing render passes, by Bupla.
Assembling of multiple render passes to make a more appealing final image.
Blender particles rendered with YafaRay (part I), by Aspen.
How to render particles with YafaRay, and what's supported.
Interior Lighting: Products
Tutorial to see different possibilities to light objects in a closed environment.

Pirates: The making-of
Tutorial by tase that illustrates a camera mapping techinque

Motion Blur in YafaRay using Blender Node System
Tutorial about how to get motion blur effect in Yafaray using Blender nodes

YafaRay 1,2,3. The Basics
This is an introductory tutorial that outlines the basic usage of Yafaray and its workflow differences in comparison with Blender internal renderer,