Installation and Workflow

Downloads for various platforms are available on our Downloads Page.
Please open a thread in the forum section if you have any question about the YafaRay installation.

Table of Contents:

User Prerequisites.

It is good to have some previous knowledge about Blender before taking on YafaRay. It will be particularly useful to know about Blender's interface arrangement, Blender lighting features, Blender texturing workflow and general scene handling. Some background on basic lighting & shading techniques will be very helpful to get good results with YafaRay as well.

General Workflow

  • YafaRay works with any Blender official release from, as long as the binaries used are compiled with the same version of python than YafaRay.
  • YafaRay uses a python-coded settings interface to set up most of lighting and shading parameters and all rendering settings. Once YafaRay is correctly installed, the settings interface can be launched by an item automatically added in the Blender Render menu, called YafaRay Export. Divide your 3Dwindows and click on the menu item.
  • To launch rendering, you must use the RENDER buttons located in the settings interface. A separated window will pop up displaying the render progress as it was with the old versions. In this separated interface you can view and save your images. Some more features are planned and if you have ideas, let us know (or send patches ...).
  • You can try some example scenes from here:
  • The render GUI will block Blender as long as it's open. So you must close the GUI in order to continue with Blender. Remember to save your render in your hard disk before closing the render GUI. You can enable as well Autosave button in the Settings section, so the render is automatically saved in your hard disk. The render will be saved in the same folder than the Blender scene file.
  • There is no way of "reopening" the GUI with the last rendered image. If you close the window, the rendered image is gone.
  • More information about using YafaRay here.

Windows Installer notes.

The installer has been tested and should work alright. If you experience any problems, please tell us right away!.

First of all, for everything to work correctly, Python 2.6.2 must be installed. If Python has been correctly installed, you will get a missage in Blender back terminal, saying 'Checking for installed Python, got it!'

Blender should be already installed in your system and you should close Blender if opened, before installing YafaRay. The installation proccess is pretty straightforward, just follow on-screen instructions. If YafaRay has been correctly installed, you will get a new item in Blender Render menu, called YafaRay Export. Use it to launch the YafaRay settings panel, as explained in General Workflow section.

If you experience any problem, check out this forum thread.

OSX installation notes for YafaRay 0.1.1

The install has been changed completely, to match the new structure of YafaRay:

  • Remove all old Python scripts before you install.
  • All YafaRay-Python-files are installed now in  /usr/local/share/yafaray/blender. ( all scripts and bindings, 10 files )
  • YafaRay-libs are installed in: /usr/local/lib ( as before )
  •  YafaRay-xml is installed in: /usr/local/bin ( as before )
  • QT-frameworks are installed in: /library/frameworks ( as before ) 
  • After the installation there will be only a symlinked left either in Scripts-Folder or in, depending on where  you chose to install it. This script now controls the whole Exporter-functionality. Don´t worry it shows only 0 byte to be installed, it is caused by being only a symbolic link.
  • The installer searches for Blender in Applications/Blender, only if found there, the "Exporter->Blender"-install is shown. If you have Blender in another location or renamed it, please revert this or choose "Exporter->PythonScripts"-install. If a PythonScripts-folder is not present, it will be created by the installer.
  • No need anymore to drag and drop anything.
  • Just take your choice for exporter-location, thats all needed.
  • Please read also the instructions whereas installing.
  • The renderparameter-overlay should now show: YafaRay 0.1.1 !!!
  • In terminal:   yafaray-xml -v     should too show: YafaRay 0.1.1 !!!
  • Install YafaRay-installer as usual. Used as an update, it only updates outdated components. You can skip QT if you already have QT 4.x or higher installed or want to hold another version. QT-4.5.1 is bundled with the install, but all QT-versions 4.x should work too.
  • If you never used external scripts before, make sure to set the pythonscripts-path in blender-preferences.
  • No further installs needed
  • Make sure you use a Blender compiled with Python 2.5 (called "custom" at
  • Important: YafaRay is compiled against Python 2.5.1-Apple, the pre-installed one! Don't install any other Python-version. This could break functionality.
  • The tested configuration is using the preinstalled Python 2.5.1-Apple on OSX 10.5.x (resides in System/Library/Frameworks) and the Blender compiled with Python 2.5 "custom", too!
  • Other combinations may not work.


Debian packages for Ubuntu.

Uninstall previous versions before installing YafaRay. If the export script doesn't appear on render menu, refresh scripts in the user preferences of Blender.All dependencies should be set properly, so the installation may prompt you that additional packages from Ubuntu repository which will have to be installed.