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How YafaRay is maintained and developed.

We are a group of raytracing enthusiasts who develop and maintain YafaRay in our free time. We share our passion for raytracing and computer graphics in a free open-source collaborative enviroment. We build upon the generosity and achievements of other people who contributed to the project before us. Free Open Source projects are able to progress when this spirit is renewed into new generations of team members and collaborators.

Please consider getting involved into the YafaRay project. Any kind of help is welcome. There  are several ways to collaborate, depending on everyone's free time and skills.

Project's needs.

There is always lot of work to do, either small but important tasks and also big complex work. In general, YafaRay's most important needs at the moment are:

  • Leadership and commitment.
  • Better scene export system from Blender.
  • Fixing YafaRay most important bugs (black & white dots).
  • Extending the flexibilty and scope of the current set of features.
  • Improvements and maintenance of the scene XML specifications.
  • A YafaRay's architecture document and better developer's docs.
  • Implementing a user interface for the node-based YafaRay materials system.
  • Providing high quality support to users.
  • Professional input to improve YafaRay.
  • Improving usability.
  • YafaRay's promotion.
  • Raytraced motion blur implementation.

Getting Involved as a User.

Giving YafaRay a try is the simplest way to collaborate. If you have got skills, time and willingness, please consider helping with other tasks, such as:

  • Tell others about YafaRay.
  • Solve other users' questions about YafaRay in the Forum and Chat.
  • Participate in the Project activities.
  • Suggest useful features for YafaRay.
  • Report bugs (errors in the program) you may encounter.
  • Help to improve the User's Guide.
  • Write a tutorial about YafaRay.
  • Translate into your own language the existing documentation.

Getting Involved as a Developer.

If you want to get involved as a developer, just contact us in forum. We don't hold special ceremonies to accept new developers, just hang up with us for a while and see if you like the atmosphere here. We are also seeking collaboration on tasks such as:

  • Binaries & Platforms maintenace.
  • Patches for specific issues.
  • Code descriptions and Developer's Documentation.

Donations & Sponsorship.

We have set up a 'Donate' page to allow for donations. Take a look for more details: