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May I suggest...?

Post Wed Feb 09, 2005 6:01 am


Blender is a great open source program.
It is amazing that you provide this wonderful 3D program as an open source program.

However I found something that can be improved.

First, the UI texts are too small.
Second, the UI is hard to learn.

These twos seem to be general tendency with 3D programs. Many 3D programs look like the current Blender.
However should all 3D programs look like just another 3D programs? Why can't it be easier to learn and understand?

For example, on pane with which you can change renders you use, there is buttons labeled, 100%, 75%, and so on.
What are those? Can you correctly think of their purpose?

I think 3D programs UI should be easier to understand and use.

Third, the terminology it uses should be understandable.
For example, the kind of light, Lamp. Can you feel that it is environmental, omnidirectional light source?
How about Area and Spot light? Well, "spot" is used for naming a kind of light source in 3D graphics. So, it can be understood by people easily. However how they can understand is not thanks to the terminology, but thanks to its popular use.

So.. can I suggest that these should be fixed in some day?

Thanks, and I appreciate your efforts. :)
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Post Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:57 am

Mind you, i think you're wrong here, this forum is about Yafray development and not Blender feature requests ;)

Besides from that, didn't you notice you can set the font size in blender and even zoom UI panels? I don't think many commercial Apps can actually do that...

Also the render size percentage is very handy for preview rendering, say you just need to check the basic lighting render it at 25% and save a lot of time. It's just a multiplier to the set render resolution.

And i don't agree at all that Blender looks "just like another 3d program", actually i find it vastly different from e.g. Lightwave or Cinema4D. You can argue wether Blender's UI is intuitive tho...
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Post Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:59 am


I have moved your post because, as Lynx said, you post this on a YafRay development forum.

I think also it is a bit off-topic, so I moved it to Chat forum.

I don't agree with you about Blender UI. I'm not an "intensive" Blender user, but I see Blender interface like control system of vim or emacs editors. I mean it maybe has a hard learning curve, but after some practice you can work faster than other 3D suites.

For example, on pane with which you can change renders you use, there is buttons labeled, 100%, 75%, and so on.
What are those? Can you correctly think of their purpose?

You have tips on buttons (that yellow text labels which appears after some seconds with mouse over they) and, of course, you have a manual. In Blender it is available for free, I don't understand the problem. You can't open a program and expect that it will show to you how to work with it.

I think 3D programs UI should be easier to understand and use.

One more time, we all are used to open a computer application and start working without reading manuals or so on. On text processors, all of us know that for bold text we have to select the text and then push B button... Why? Because all wysiwyg writing suites are pretty similar. But 3D suites area different programs, because it are not thought to be used for whole people.

After that you lost me. At start of your post you say that you don't like all 3D programs look like just another 3D program. And then, you say that you want something like naming conventions. I agree with you about naming conventions, it is important to use standard names. But again I'm not an expert in 3D terminology, so I can't say if Blender are more correct (or worst) than others.

Anyway I don't think it is a question for YafRay forums, even for user forums. We can't be able to change Blender interface. Try to suggest it on Blender forums.

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Post Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:59 pm

just thought i would add my 2 cents to this thread. there was a comment made about the term "spot" being known by popularity and not terminology. A spot is not just a 3d term, it is widely used in real-world lighting situations. if english is not your first language, perhaps that is where the confusion is arising, as the term spot is very intuitive for a type of light which has clearly defined boundaries creating a circular "spot" of light.

anyway, cheers,

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