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Californian Exterior

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Californian Exterior

Post Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:49 pm

Hi there ! So long I didn't post a rendering here :)
My job change a bit these last months and I didn't get much chances to work on archviz, so I decided to practice exterior rendering with Yafaray during my holidays ( and some other engine like Corona, Cycles and recently Luxrender and Eevee).
The background is generated with the Sunsky1 directly from Yafa. I used some post-compositing to correct the color balance, and some enhancements with the Yafaray's render passes ( so useful thanks David ;) ).
The tree is from Vizpeople free model, but I changed the default leaves with mines. Real shape leaves are definitively faster to render than leaves with apha texture !!!
I used IES lights for the car, small trees on right side were made with sapling,... however nothing really difficult to model or huge textures ( better to use seamless maps).
I tried all the GI algorithms to render, but I don't know why, SPPM crashes :/ So Direct Light with the Sunsky 1 skylight is very close to the PathTracing method, Photon Mapping is so much faster but leakes in some areas like walls corners, acurate shadows,... Bidirectional miss some effects like translucidity.
If you use a general settings for AA, rendering can be very longer, so I optimize the speed through the AA settings for each materials ! In some parts the AA is quite weak but enough, on other is stronger but more efficient. That's a good balance between noiseless results and speed ( you can get twice faster with this ! :) )

Critics and comments are welcome :)

Californian Exterior Yafaray.jpg

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Re: Californian Exterior

Post Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:39 pm

Great work as always. Thank you for the details.
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