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YafaRay experimental v0.1.99-beta2 build Linux 32bit / 64bit

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YafaRay experimental v0.1.99-beta2 build Linux 32bit / 64bit

Post Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:49 am


I've prepared an Experimental YafaRay version (I called it v0.1.99-beta2) with several more changes respect to the previous beta1 (for more info about the previous beta see

* Fix for some cases where Normals were incorrectly calculated and showing black NaN areas.

* IMPORTANT: This beta2 includes an EXPERIMENTAL change to calculate automatically Shadow Bias and Minimum Ray Dist depending on the scene size. This is to avoid black artifacts when resizing the objects. However as it's a fundamental change that affects everything, perhaps some new artifacts could appear in the images now and further fine tuning needed in this new formula. Please give us feedback about it in the forum:

* Small correction in the new Clay Render system. In the previous beta1 the original diffuse reflection for each material was incorrectly preserved. Now it will force it to 1.0 during Clay Render.

* yafaray-xml located in the bin subfolder again now (was in the wrong place in the beta1). Also, soft links were created in the included shared libraries for yafaray-xml to work.

The Linux 64bit build can be downloaded from: ...

The Linux 32bit (only processors with SSE2) build can be downloaded from: ...

I've been working on the dependencies and libraries to avoid the traditional problems with libjpeg, etc, so I've changed the dependency system in the Exporter. To make this build as "distro-independent" as possible, I've tried to optimize it to match the official Linux 64bit/32bit glib2.11 builds. Please test it to see if it works correctly without libpng, libjpeg, etc, or if it causes any new issues.

Please test it and let us know if it works for you or if you have any new issues or problems. If all works fine, perhaps these improvements will be included in the next official version of YafaRay.

If you are using the blender version from your distro repository and it has problems, please try installing this YafaRay builds on top of the official Blender 2.74 Linux download from their website (glib2.11 32bit or 64bit versions) as I adapted these builds for their official builds.

I hope it helps! Best regards. David.
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Re: YafaRay experimental v0.1.99-beta2 build Linux 32bit / 64bit

Post Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:28 am

All seems to be working all right here, Linux Mint 64bits. No problems to take or produce EXR or JPG files and the new Clay pass and Orent Nayar mapping works as expected.
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