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YCS2012 tutorial-Sticker Designer scene

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YCS2012 tutorial-Sticker Designer scene

Post Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:42 pm

Hi Yafies ! :wink:
I'm back, long absent because of work, but to be forgiven I provide you a first tutorial from the scene used for the Yafaray Code Sprint 2012.

Enjoy !

final-INTSD-postcompo test 1.jpg

YCS2012 tutorial-Sticker Designer scene.pdf
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Re: YCS2012 tutorial-Sticker Designer scene

Post Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:37 pm

Hi Olivier,

As a yafi :lol: I must thank you once again for sharing your knowledge.

Very interesting aproach to the wood floor with that blend material.
I miss a ior control on the glossy shader which could give a more correct physical result to some wood cases.
Coated glossy has an ior control but only affects the coated layer.
Your approach is a nice workaround since it allows to reduce reflection when the view angle is smaller and the wood has a natural finishing.
Natural wood can't be reproduced by a glossy shader since it has to much reflection on smaller view angles. That ior only happens on wood with varnish which has a very linear surface without bumps like natural wood.

I have never thought of a blend material just because of the time increase.
If any dev is reading it would be nice to have that feature. :wink:
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