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Pantheon's tree__by Rio

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Pantheon's tree__by Rio

Post Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:15 am

Hi all ! I know, it's a little late to participate to this contest; but I didn't have enough time before to think about it and find a concept. Finaly I decided to adapt the dome of the Roma's Pantheon, to a tribute of the nature, a tree ( from Free Xfrogs Plants :wink: ). About Mat, there will concrete, dirty and cleaner, displacement mapping for stones on ground, water, translucid leafs, wood, stairs,... and some enhancing with node compositor... :? 3 days for that... :lol:

Not time enough, my computer calculate the final render during I wrote this. No problem, I will post my works in WIP forum... :cry: :)

WIP of Pantheon's tree: ... f=6&t=3931

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