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Anyone Help Please?!?

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Anyone Help Please?!?

Post Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:08 pm

Hi there I have got a Dissertation topic covering Blender 2.49's raytracing capabilities vs yafaray on how they both compare and contrast to which provides the most photorealistic results.

I know they both use different rendering options and they both can provide very realistic results im choosing blender's constant QMC against yafaray's photon mapping using the same lighting setup and will be tested on the range of colours and personal opinion.

However im not an expert and I could find myself to be completely wrong the lighting and shading settings might not be accurate enough to make it a fair test. Does anyone know how I could make this fair?? Is this a good Idea?? please go easy on me as im still learning and im quite new to this.

Thanks for your time :D

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