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GSOC 2010 - List of accepted projects

This forum hosts proposals sent to YafaRay, discussions about GSOC 2010 accepted projects and their betatesting.

GSOC 2010 - List of accepted projects

Post Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:01 pm

We are pleased to annonce the list of students whose proposals are going to be implemented in YafaRay during this summer, as part of the Google Summer of Code program:

  • Blender 2.5 Integration by Shuvro Sarker.
  • SubSurface Scattering by Yong Li.
  • Irradiance Caching by George Laskowsky.
  • Exporter plug-in for Maya by Wang Peijun.
  • Progressive Photon Mapping by Rui Li.
  • Microrendering for Scalable Final Gathering Istvan Szakats.
  • Network rendering tools by Andrew Price.

Besides, we would like to invite all students who applied to our project to become part of the YafaRay Community. We are looking forward to your collaboration as well. Thank you all for you interest in our project. Let the work begin!
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