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A Chair, an Armchair and a Sofa

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Post Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:06 pm

Thanks everybody!

Good questions bert! I didn't notice that darkness of palm trees. I have to check it out as soon as possible. They are long enough to be in sun light... weird! :?

I like the noisy atmosphere! I tried to get somewhat grainy film feeling. I admit there is couple of composition "error"... alpha issues. But does they really spoil the mood? Maybe I'm just lazy to fix them... :oops: :wink:

I like extreme wide angle... maybe not that wide, but it is a.... choice of must. I haven't anything behind the buildings and I wanted lot of sky in the picture.

That sign of life you talked about is something I miss too, but it needs skills and time to get them. I tried to improve my skills at next time :D

There is one thing I can't understand. One of the walls is glowing red light, which comes from inside of that building at the corner. But the light comes TROUGH the wall... should I model it solid or is there a setting in render tab, which could fix the problem?!? And I'm thinking about those "search radius" settings.
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