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Contest Rules - Readme First !

From January 5th to February 28st 0:00 GMT, 2011

Contest Rules - Readme First !

Post Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:10 am

Contest Topic

Your creation can be inspired by existing architectural works; however the contest is not about reproducing an existing piece of architecture, but about working out one of your own.

This is not the academia; your architectural work does not need to be driven by practical considerations or architectural conventions, nor it needs to be structurally viable; the contest is about form for form’s sake. Your work might be intended for this planet and age, or for another planet, time and culture. It can be as well inspired by a novel or comic.

Your render may depict either an indoor or outdoor scene. You can render as well a serie of stills about the same suject. As a rendering project, we are intestested though in how light interacts with your architectural forms, and how materials are used.


  • Contestants must render with YafaRay a still image or a serie of them, based on the aforementioned subject.
  • The final render/s could consis in a sigle render pass or a post-process and composition of different YafaRay render passes. Render tone-mapping is allowed. Composition with a background photograph is allowed, as long as the main subject is rendered with YafaRay.
  • Final render/s minimun resolution must be 2000×2000 px, in PNG or any other lossless format.
  • Every contestant must open his/her own work in progress thread in the Winter 2011 Contest forum. The last image posted in everyone's thread will be the one considered by the jury for the voting process.
  • The winner will be selected by the YafaRay team. The price is up to 150 $ in CG training material, up to the winner to choose, in any online retailer (, Amazon, Gnomon, etc).


  • Contest start: January 05, 2011
  • Contest end: February 28, Monday, 0:00 GMT
  • Winners announced: March 06

Links to get you inspired:
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Re: Contest Rules - Readme First !

Post Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:22 am

hi guys

The winter contest has ended. Thank you for participating! In a few hours we will announce the winner.

You can keep on improving your images if you wish, but please post these 'out of the contest' versions in the Finished works section instead.

If you had not been able to participate this time, stay tuned as we are going to organise other contest during the year.

Thank you again for your participation, see you next time.
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