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Fake SSS Test + Mesh Error

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Fake SSS Test + Mesh Error

Post Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:58 pm

i am trying to create a faked skin shader with a layered(blend) material consisting of a glossy and a shinydiffuse with translucency.
Additionally i have onother mesh inside with shinydiffuse in pure red and translucency that has not a real visual effect. Overall it does not look good looks more like wax or rubber right now.

Perhaps somebody has a some tips for better setup. I posted mine too.

And i found an error with the shinydiffuse material with translucency and the mesh resolution:
On the last rendered image the mesh has a lower subdivision than the others on the left, so i get some "unsmoothed flat shading".
A little workaround is to use higher subdivisions... but needs longer to export.

Yeah would be awesome if somebody could help me out for a better skin shader until yafaray has real sss. Thanks.
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