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Material and Array

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Material and Array

Post Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:22 pm


First of all, thank you for this efficient renderer.

I have the following problem, I have an array of boxes with a tile material on each, when I use the Blender internal no problem the tile material are repeat on every boxes but when Yafaray render is used (0.1.1 and 0.1.2) there is an only one occurrence.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Material and Array

Post Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:20 am

Hi Snyvel,

I don't know if you've found a solution. I had the same problem.
To solve it I unwrapped the mesh and put the texture in the UV/image editor. Then I use the UV in the material buttons/map input location for all others textures for that mesh. That's my solution for using array with Yafaray without texture problem.
I'm using blender 2.49 and I hope it can help you.
Please excuse my bad english

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