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Collaboration needed on Development Docs

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Collaboration needed on Development Docs

Post Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:07 am


This is a reminder that we need to improve the Development Docs. Everyone with coding knowledge is invited to collaborate. We believe that a brief, comprehensive and well structured development docs would motivate others developers to join the project.

What sections and jobs are needed:
  • A 'Getting involved' section.
  • Guidelines on submitting patches.
  • Information on current on-going projects and who is doing what.
  • Information on techniques and papers YafaRay is based on.
  • YafaRay Architecture page.
  • Information about how Blender scene data is exported.
  • Coding Guidelines and standards.
  • Keeping up to date XML specs.
  • Keeping up to date the building guidelines.

We are looking for really brief and concise explanations and articles. If you are interested in these tasks, send me a private missage, or contact us in the chat room, we will provide you with editing rights and support to work on the Development section. Thanks for your collaboration. Regards.
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