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Network render

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Network render

Post Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:17 pm

I would like to use yafaray in the network with two pc one slave and the other with master and slave, with client I managed to render with blender internal and cycles but I can not with yafaray, inserting this command in Engine: OTHER "YAFA_V3_RENDER" I ask for help thanks to all
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Re: Network render

Post Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:41 pm


With YafaRay v3.3.0 you can try some kind of distributed rendering by doing the following:

* Install it in several computers and in each one select a different node number in the same Blender user preferences where you enable YafaRay (if you click in the button to show more details you should see it).

* Then in each computer render the same scene with the same parameters with the render option "Save ImageFilm File" enabled. Each node will save a special "imageFilm" file containing the internal render buffer.

* Finally after you are happy with it, you can copy all the imagefilm files to one of the nodes (in the same place that node imagefilm was saved), and in that node select AA Passes=1 and the option "Load/Save ImageFilm file".

With that when you render, it will load all imageFilm files in that folder and combine them together to form the final render (combining the samples from all the imageFilm files and therefore reducing the noise) which should quickly show in the screen of that node. It's not exactly intuitive and it's not "online" but I think still can be helpful. I hope this helps.
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