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2014 Summer contest award

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2014 Summer contest award

Post Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:15 pm

Hi guys,

I want to share the kindness of the yafaray community.
The last summer competition had a very nice graphic card award donated by afecelis.
He also supported the courrier and last month I received it on my mailbox.

It was working perfectly and I installed it without trouble.
It was so powerfull that I had to disconect one of my hard drives! :lol:
(I have a low end gpu... :lol: )

I installed cuda toolkit and it runs perfectly the cycles benchmark scene in 53s on 2.69 and in 1m33s on last blender 2.72.
Vray cuda enabled also rocks very fast. So thank you all. :D
You can see the images here om my old dual core.

Anyway, this cuda enabled gpu wont't change my opinion about cycles, nox, indigo, octane or any other of the kind.
Yafaray is and will always be my favourite open source render engine!
Unfortunatly it is the only open source engine with quality biased algos...
And the new gpu improved dramatically my particles viewport! :D
If we want specific technical features we will just use vray, right? :wink:

Now I just hope for some time to publish new yafaray works...
Kind regards to you all!




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Re: 2014 Summer contest award

Post Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:24 pm

Nice :)
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