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How is the future?

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How is the future?

Post Thu May 01, 2014 11:05 pm

Hi all,

My name is Pablo Hinojosa, Linux sysadmin with no knowledge about 3D (just few dummy tests). Ruben told me in Antwerp about this fantastic project and I strongly agree with him, this software is amazing.
But it seems the project is dying, so I would like to know how is the future. Any plan? Does Yafaray have a roadmap?

I would like to know which is the opinion of the group about to create a small startup company (with the support of Startup accelerators like Wayra, Mola, etc) to support, develop and do work with Yafaray.

I have seen you already have a system administrator in the project, but I can support with sysadmin task whenever you want.

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Re: How is the future?

Post Tue May 06, 2014 6:45 pm

hi Pablo

Thanks for your input. I believe there is not much to do about YafaRay development model in the sense that we are not big enough to support large fundraising campaings. However there is an instance I believe would draw lot of support across several communities and groups of users, which is Blender integration of external applications and engines, and improving in that regard would have a direct impact into YafaRay's future.

Blender developers have made the decision that it is not a priority to make Blender work into a production pipeline that uses other tools apart from Blender and that Cycles will use its own dedicated lane to obtain Blender scene data. I can understand some of those decisions. This is good for Cycles for obvious reasons but it is pretty bad for us, for other existing FOSS engines and for future FOSS projecs which need Blender as a hosting application since Blender is the only viable 3D FOSS package right now. In contrast with the Blender Foundation views, we believe in an open source pipeline of varied tools rather that in a single application doing all the work.

Given the current situation and the lack of response from Blender developers to this and other demands, I don't see they will change course unless obliged to. The solution I see it is a non-traumatic fork so a special version of Blender would be delivered using its own brand, integrating external engines with dynamic multithreaded runtime access to Blender scene data, so at least we can stay competive in terms of render quality and interactivity. By non-traumatic I mean the same way Linux Mint is built upon Ubuntu and both are built upon Debian.

There are several communities (YafaRay, Luxrender, Mitsuba, PovRay etc) and propietary engines (Arnold, Vray, Octane) that could be interested in this kind of work. It is even possible that a project like this could get support from universities and businesses trying to do visualisation work on Blender. But it is not an easy task with even legal issues, since propietary engines would need a flat license to make its libraries compatible with Blender open source license.
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Re: How is the future?

Post Fri May 30, 2014 1:17 pm

Samo, this was really sad, is now really so bad the situation? Also, is Blender artists community aware of this? I'm sure you will get some support, maybe you can try to talk as yafaray team with Ton Roosendaal.

Also, you can consider develop more integration with wings3d, I think is FOSS.

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