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Funding Yafaray, in babysteps...

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Funding Yafaray, in babysteps...

Post Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:02 pm


I am an enthusiastic user of yafaray and my latest tests using the new blender 2.56 even made me wonder if it could replace VRAY.
I'll go off on a limb here and say that yafaray is 80% there, new sppm and instancing support included.

Now it is possible for me in the next year, if all goes well, that I will buy Vray. I will buy the standalone version because I will do everything in my power to avoid using autodesk products. (btw ZWcad is pretty awesome in that respect)

Now I *can* imagine investing money that would have been spent on 3dsmax on yafaray/blender development and I imagine some others are willing to do so as well.

Some caveats exists, however. I imagine spending money to invest in specific features that I think I need, but this might disrupt the development cycle.

Does anybody have an idea or a reference on how (relatively) small donations can be coordinated into a solid foundation for development.
I think it might also help in attracting young bright developers who would otherwise code their raytracer from the ground up (too many examples right now)

Maybe Yafaray should look into enrolling in the kickstarter fund ?
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Re: Funding Yafaray, in babysteps...

Post Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:21 pm

I you want to buy Vray, I think it is a good decision, it is an excellent engine. We are proud that many users of commercial engines have started their careers with YafaRay. The same happens with former Yafaray developers, many of them are working now on commercial endeavours. I don't think anybody here has issues with that.

YafaRay is what it is, it does not have enough critical mass and traction to support commercial activities, get significative donations and development pace. The sooner we realise about that and accept it, the better for everyone involved. I don't think there are shorcuts to solve that, only keeping up the good work and a true collaborative spirit will make us to progress.

We don't have critical mass, but I think we have achieved many important goals during the pass two or three years, and we are going to keep up the fight to become the free open-source raytracer of reference. We don't want to become yet another free raytracer that dies a long death.

BTW, we raised from donations alone 5000$ the past year. You can take a look here: ... 011-02-09/
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Re: Funding Yafaray, in babysteps...

Post Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:51 pm

Ah, Oops,
I overlooked the "donate" menu item on the left here.

Will donate as soon as I can.

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