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XML Rendering discrepancies

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XML Rendering discrepancies

Post Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:55 pm

This is my first time on the Forum, so I hope this is the correct place to query a point using the command line rendering.

I set up a linux box to queue xml files for rendering via the command line, and generally its a fantastic way to work, so I don't have to slow down my main machine, the script even amends the xml file to tell yafaray where to look for texture images (a location where I keep all my textures).

I usually set up a low resolution test render, run locally, directly from the Yafaray exporter script. When this looks OK I 'output to xml', at full resolution, and send the xml file to my rendering machine where it renders the full size image or images.

HOWEVER, when the command line renderer returns its image, the texture mapping doesn't apply the scaling to the texture, so the texture is rendered at full scale, not as i need.

Can anyone tell me if there is a bug in command line renderer, a mistake I am making, or something else?

(I have realised this probably have been posted in the textures/materials section btw, I'll try and move it later, also the above wasn't very clear)

To sumarise, I was trying to use an empty to set the rotation and scale of a texture image applied to a mesh, (Specifying the empty's name in the 'Object' box under the 'Map Input' panel within blender). Blender appeared to ignore the empty when I rendered my image from an xml file, and the texture scale did not come out as it had when I rendered it directly from the GUI.

So I tried another tack. I used a cube (hidden discreetly within the scene, out of shot) to map the co-odinates for the texture. When rendering the xml, the texture is now correctly mapped.
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