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Post Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:06 am

I tried to install Yafaray version 3.44 in blender 2.8, but it does not appear in the list of addons.
I saw that in blender 2.78 yafaray version 3.3.0 works.
I noticed that, in this version, there are some files and folders that didn't come in version 3.4.4,
In 3.4.4 only came the bin, include, lib and share folders and no more files
I downloaded this file: ...
Is it somewhere else or did I download it the wrong way?
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Post Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:03 am

Hi @Regina. YafaRay 3.4.4 is just for Blender 2.79 (latest version) not for Blender 2.82+. You can try YafaRay 3.4.1a (special version) for Blender 2.82+ but it has many bugs and not stable release yet.

Here YafaRay 3.4.4 for Blender 2.79 (latest): ... tag/v3.4.4

And here Yafaray 3.4.1a for Blender 2.82+ (USE TO YOUR OWN RISK, NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION):
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Post Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:25 pm

Thanks for the reply, I already have version 2.79 installed, I still don't use 2.82, I'm using 2.80, I'll wait for a more stable version of Yafaray then. :wink:
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