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Collaborating on the site documentation

Post here tutorials and links to tutorials about YafaRay and other CG training material related to YafaRay

Collaborating on the site documentation

Post Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:18 am

If you want to write a tutorial about YafaRay or you want to regularly collaborate on improving the user's documentation, we can provide you with writing rights to do so. If you are interested, send me a private missage, or let us know over the IRC chat room. Thanks for your collaboration.

The current list of pages that content writers can edit is:

The current list of forum members with writing rights are:
  • enricocerica
  • Kerbox
  • vico
  • sebi
  • easydream
  • kronos
  • IkariShinji
  • Aspen
  • Sandking
  • condar
  • MarcoA
  • bert_b
  • ChojinDSL
  • Claws
  • bupla
  • Gabich
  • cyberlecs
  • paulo_gomes
  • sandstorm
  • darktide
  • xelptic
  • fine
  • kellyq
  • wizofboz
  • stoneage
  • subcomandante
  • tungee
  • boiko
  • CoffeeMike
  • atti
  • Loh
  • Wimo
  • Sanne
  • _Mo_

We have put together some guidelines and tips about writing content. More information here.

If you have documentation editing rights (see list above), and you have made a change or adition in the User's Guide or any other document, please announce in this thread what your change is about, so everyone can track changes and improvements.
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