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'That Pixar look' and 'Lighting for testing shaders'

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'That Pixar look' and 'Lighting for testing shaders'

Post Mon May 14, 2007 10:16 am

There is a much overlooked but yet interesting subforum in Cgtalk called 'Lighting and Shaders', where a couple or three technical directors (Jeremy Birn, Neil Blevins, playmesumch00ns) sometimes answer questions about lighting. Not every post there is interesting neither applicable to yafray, but from time to time there are interesting discussions about issues everyone interested in lighting asks himself sooner or later.

There are two threads that I find very interesting, one about the 'pixar look' answered by Neil Blevings, very interesting, and other one about what lighting setup should be used to test shaders, answered by Jeremy Birn:

- Pixar look (to see the pictures that suport the explanation, you must log in): ... 1&t=433896

- Lighting for testing shaders: ... 1&t=493656
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